Trio Adult Knit Beanie, Mittens and Scarf - Vegan

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Color: Black
TRIO Tuque, Mitaines et Foulard Doublé Adulte | Adult Beanie, Mittens and Knit Scarf - Vegan - Mpompon
Regular price $46.00
Regular price $53.00 Sale price $46.00
Stay warm and cozy with our interchangeable fur-lined fleece toque, mittens and scarf.

- One size
- Neck warmer style scarf
- Interchangeable vegan synthetic fur pompom
- Drawstrings to prevent mittens from getting lost
- Interchangeable recycled natural fur
- Gently remove a snap to put on your mittens, then close to keep them securely in place.
- Created and designed to match many products
- Acrylic and polyester